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Plate Tectonics


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Convectioncurrent Chain of volcanic islands formed along an ocean trench
Terrane Movement of the ocean floor away from either side of a mid-ocean ridge
Platetectonics Material that makes up the ocean floor
Oceaniccrust Piece of land with a geologic history distinct from that of the surrounding land
Divergentboundary Movement in a fluid caused by uneven heat
Panthalassa Material that makes up landmasses
Continentalcrust Thin outer shell of the earth consisting of the crust and the ridge upper mantel
Continentaldrift System of undersea mountain ranges that wind around the earth
Seafloorspreading Undersea mountian range with a steep, narrow valley along its center
Asthenosphere Theory that the lithosphere is made up of plates that float on the asthenosphere
Oceantrench Region where one lithosphere plate moves under another
Subductionzone Steep, narrow valley formed as lithospheric plates seperate
Pangaea Transfer of heat through the movement of a fluid material
Convection Hypothesis stating that the continents once formed a single landmass
Convergentboundary Boundary formed by two lithospheric plates that are moving apart
Islandarc Single landmass thought to have been the origin of all continent
Lithosphere Giant ocean surrounding Pangaea
Riftvallley Border formed by the direct collision of two lithospheric plates
Midatlanticrigde Zone of mantel beneath the lithosphere that consists of slowly flowing solid rock
Midoceanridges Deep valley in th ocean floor that forms along a subduction zone

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