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Plate Tectonics


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convection stress that occurs when two tectonic plates pull apart from each other
subductionzone stress that occurs when two tectonic plates collide
folding boundary where the tectonic plates move away from one another
tension fault formed when there is tension
divergent formed along the divergent boundary in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean
crust fault usually caused when tectonic forces push rock together
mesosphere made primarily of Fe and Si, makes up most of the Earth's mass
convergent tectonic plate boundary involving the collision between two tectonic plates
outercore layer of the Earth that is liquid
core process by which hot material from deep within the Earth rises while cooler material near the surface sinks
tectonicplates slightly larger than Mars, center of the Earth
asthenosphere solid middle layer of the Earth located between the asthenosphere and the outer core
fault outermost layer of the Earth made primarily of silicon and oxygen
compression occurs when rock layers bend due to stress
reverse pieces of the lithosphere
midoceanridge layer of the Earth just below the lithosphere
mantle region where oceanic plates sink down into the asthenosphere
normal the surface along which rocks break and slide past each other

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