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Siana Madden

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Soil any form of water, such as rain, snow, sleet, or hail, that falls to the earth's surface.(part of the water cycle)
Emergents The Amazon river flows from the__________ mountains
deforestation The plants that grow on branches of other plants without harming them.
precipitation Animals that are awake at night.
Sun Rainforest ________ is not good for any other plant growth
Adapt ______ and Burn is one of the traditional ways of clearing the rainforest
Butresses Rainforest soil is shallow and the topsoil has more ________
Organic Besides providing heat and light the ______ drives the water cycle.
Large Plants and animals have both had to ________ to the rainforest environment . They have made changes to their features to better suit the rainforest.
Canopy there is a lot of __________ matter in rainforest soil
slash The island at the mouth of the Amazon river.
Andes Theforest floor is thick with leaf litter, seeds, fruits and branches which decay to form__________.
Evapotranspiration This layer only gets 2 to 5% of sunlight, the trees in this layer have limeted growth because of the roots from taller trees.
Nocturnal The highest layer of the rainforest trees
Logging The process in which water is absorbed through the plants then gets evaporated out through the leaves is called____________.
Light Rainforest trees form a __________ that restricts the aount of light penetrating the forest floor below.
Marajo the clearing of rainforest trees
Smooth wood is needed for fuel and timer, this process is one of the reasons rainforests are being cleared.
Nutrients Water evaporates then _____________ to form clouds.
Humus ____________ Area's are designed to assit the preservation of species and the rainforests.
Understorey Most tropical rainforests are found between the Tropics of _________
Cancer One of trees adaptations in to have _______ bark so the water can run down the trunks easily
Ephiphytes developed on some trees these roots help get the nutrients in the topsoil and they blance the tree.
Protected Some rainforest leaves have a __________ surface so they can get as much sun as possible
Condensates Rainforests need lots of heat, __________ and rain.

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