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river crossword

kyle and chris

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billabongs water that is trapped under pressure in aquifers.
sediment describes a region having less than 250 millimeters of precipitation (rain, hail, snow ect.) per year.
kilolitre a measure of the amount of salt in the water or soil
seasonal where it empties into the ocean.
ephemeral one thousand (1000) liters or 2333 stubbies.
resource : the addition of water to crops or pasture to promote growth.
mouth a place where water naturally seeps or gushes from the ground.
artesian water a bore where the pressure of the water raises it above the land surface
arid occurring at different times of the year.
meander starting point usually in the mountains.
delta a small wetland associated with a river channel that is isolated during low flow periods and can be flushed during a flood.
source lasting only a short time
erosion something that dose not dissolve in a liquid such as water, and settles on the bottom (e.g. mud
artesian bore wearing away of the earth’s surface by agents such as wind, water and human activity.
precipitation means the river flows in a slow, “wavy” way through the flat areas of land.
finite resource something that can be used by people.
irrigation A new area of land that is formed when deposited material from a river gradually builds up over time.
ecosystem A community of plants, animals and other living things that interact within the environment.
Salinity moisture that drops to earth from the atmosphere (e.g. rain, hail, snow).
spring a resource that is not limitless.

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