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Things You Should Know About Rocks

Chelsea Esparza

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basalt remains of once living ocean organisms
crystals what forms when lava above the surface cools?
coal a volcanic rock; very light colored, frothy, lava that is full of gas
foliated another word for magma
sediments extrusive or intrusive; such as pumice, obsidian
magma a detrital sedimentary rock made mainly of clay
molten an organic sedimentary rock
igneous rock a short word for an igneous rock
ignis when sediments go through compaction and cemenation
chalk its a type of igneous rock; dark colored, fine-grained extrusive rock
intrusive extrusive or intrusive: such as granite, basalt
limestone it contains calcium carbonate
nonfoliated when mineral grains grow, re-arrange but dont form layers
metamorphic rock very shiny natural volcanic glass
extrusive when an igneaous rock goes through weather and erosion
compaction when a metamorphic rock melts
pumice when a sedimentary rock goes through heat and pressure
obsidian when magma cools
sedimentary rock when the rock layers form parallel to each other
shale wat process is going on when they say layers of small sediments are being compressed

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