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Russell Mitchell

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eukaryota Pleated tube or vase shape
myocyte Channels leading to the interior through the mesohyl
endoskeleton The cylindrical or conical collar surrounding a flagellum
calcarea The tail-like structure that projects from the cell body and is used to move water through the sponge body
animalia Female reproductive cell
lophocyte In addition to or instead of sclerocytes, demosponges have "blank" that secrete a form of collagen that polymerizes into spongin
archeaeocyte Silica spicules, never has spongin fibres
collencyte Tube or vase shape
spongin Male reproductive cell
mesohyl Internal support structure
ostia Means "little mouth"
flagellum Green algae are this to some sponges
syconoid Phylum
porifera No spongin, may have an asconoid, syconoid or leuconoid body shape
rhabdiferous Tubular cells which make up the pores of a sponge
sclerocyte Domain
hexactinellida Conduct signals and cause parts of the animal to contract
demospongia The gelatinous matrix within a sponge
osculum Another type of collagen-producing cell
endosymbiont The single-layered skin over all the parts of the mesohyl not used by porocytes
oocyte The process by which sclerocytes produce silica spicules
spicule External skeleton
exoskeleton Ameba-like cells that are totipotent
choanocyte Secrete polysaccharides that also form part of the mesohyl
biomineralisation Exaggerated syconoid shape
grey cell Act as the immune system
pinacocyte A type of collagen protein that forms some sponges fibrous skeleton
porocyte Kingdom
spongocyte Many species contain spongin fibres
spermatocyte Secrete the mineralized spicules
leuconoid Tiny spike-like structures
asconoid Amoeba-like cells that move slowly through the mesohyl and secrete collagen fibres

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