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Rachelle Burk

Find these new words from the book. Hint: The page numbers where you can find the words are listed in the clues.

New Orleans Strong buildings are made of this (15)
Mosquito Storm noise (12)
Evacuate Season for hurricanes (3, 6, 29)
Wren Big storm with strong winds (11, 15)
Brick Leave home for a safer place (9-10)
Boards Peanut butter
Banana Kenny's sister (2, 5, 26)
Shelter Twisted (8)
Hurricane Lights up stormy skies (16)
Summer Used to build a tree house (2)
Binoculars A place to be safe in a storm (15)
Steeple Helps you see very far (5)
Acorn This river flows through New Orleans (28)
Milky Way Biting bug (6, 28)
Lemonade Small bird (29)
Mississippi Holds up a tree house (23-24, 28)
Allison Often seen after a storm (29)
Branches Cool drink (6, 29)
Thunder Seed from an oak tree (25)
Lightning Our galaxy (4)
Gnarly A city often hit by hurricanes (3)
Rainbow Tower atop a church (28)

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