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ch-1 (7)


Vocabulary of Ch-1 for 7th grade science

loam using something over and over
decompose soil particles smaller than sand but bigger than clay
potassium what lies below the subsoil
artesian well element needed in making chlorophyll
bedrock soil with clay, silt, sand, and humus
hypothesis soil materials plants need
erosion element that stimulates stem growth
weathering element needed in fruit development
capillary action recorded observations
quartz living thing
recycling group used for comparison
data carrying away of the soil by water or wind
organism sensible explanation
subsoil surroundings of an organism
pedology group with the variable
aquifer test of a hypothesis
nutrients self pumping well
constants water moves upward through tiny spaces
neutral soil science
experimental group layer below the topsoil
experiment rocks are broken down into soil
environment upper level of the saturated layer
silt most common mineral in the crust
topsoil underground water
phosphorus upper few inches of the soil
control group scale for measuring how acidic or basic
water table break down
ph neither acid or base
nitrogen conditions in both groups

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