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Earth Science

Shaunquil Martin

No description

Convection all the earth's water
Asthenosphere giant Ocean surrounding Pangea
Island arc zone mantle beneath lithosphere
Terrane transfer of heat
Lithosphere chain of volcanic island along ocean
Ocean trench material that make up landmass
Oceanography thick blanket of gases surrounding earth
Geology thin outer shell of earth
Astronomy study of living thing and their environment
Panthalassa community of organisms and the environment they inhabit
Geosphere study of the structure of earth
Continental crust study of oceans
Atmosphere border formed by collision of 2 lithosphere plates
Meteorology piece of land with geologic history
Convergent boundary study of earth's atmosphere
Pangea contamination of the environment with waste products or impurities
Ecology solid earth
Ecosystem all continents connected
Hydrosphere deep valley in ocean floor
Pollution study of the universe

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