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Chapter 12 and 13 Crossword

Adam Moler

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carbonation areas receiving more than 65 cm of rain each year
plains chemical reaction between water and another substance
humus ______ is formed bye plowed up furrows washed away with rainfall, the the furrow becomes larger forming a small gully
channel a dark, organic material
mountains water flows over the land into rivers
ice wedging are flat or gently sloped surfaces generally not high above sea level
water cycle "almost flat"
parent rock ______ is feldspar combined with water
mechanical weathering change in physical form or chemical composition of rock at earth's surface
pedocal ______ are curved cracks parallel to the surface
regolith the path that a stream follows
exfoliation rideges or elevated regions of high ground that seperate watersheds
stream piracy chemical cobination of metalic elements with oxygen
sheet erotion layer of a soil profile
landforms extremely slow downhill movement of weathered rock material
kaolin process in which sheets of rock peel or flake as a result of weathering
creep the different physical features of earth's surface is also known as..
oxidation Is the capture of a stream in one watershep by a stream with a higer rate of erosion in another watershed
buttes when water vapor rises in the atmosphere it expands and cools giving you ______
runoff used to determine the composition of these soil layers
leaching process in which water carries dissolved minerals to lower lyrics of rocks.
condensation sudden movement of masses of loose rock and soil down the slope of a hill, mountain, or cliff
mesas high-elevation flat surfaces
terracing process by which the products are transported
erosion a river system is made up of a main stream and all the feeder streams, called ______
hydrolosis thick infertile soils produced in tropical climates
laterites knobs of hard rock, such as granite
horizons crops are planted in alterate bands
peneplain process that changes the physical form of rocks
joints ______ is the collection of fragments at the base of the slope
soil profile process by which water falls from clouds to the earth's surface as rain, snow, sleet, and hail
groundwater ______ is soil resulting from the deposit of this material
contour plowing cycle of water movement
tributaries farmers plant one type of crop one year and a different type the next
precipitation rock from which the soil was weathered
gullying movement of fragments down a slope
divides process in which liquid water changes into water vapor
solifluction slow downslope flow of wet, muddy topsoil over frozen or clay-ruch subsoil
weathering ______ is the construction of steplike ridges that follow the contours of a slope field
landslide the soil is plowed in circular bands that follow the contour, or shape, of the land
slump steep landforms of very high elevations
chemical weathering process in which parallel layers of topsoil are stripped away
strip-cropping when mesas ultimately erode down to small, narrow-topped formations it is now a ______
evaporation layer of weathered rock fragments covering mcuh of the earth's surface
plateaues mechanical weathering caused by freezing water that seeps in the cracks of rocks
monadnocks water soked deep into the soil and rock ungerground
talus fall of rock form a steep cliff
headwaters erosion may disect plateaus into smaller, tablelike areas called ______
crop rotation process in which rock is broken down as a result of a chemical reactions
rockfall chemical weathering process in which minerals react with carbonic acid
mass movement downhill movement of a large block of soil under the influence of gravity
transported soil areas receiving less than 65 cm of rain a year
pedalfer the begining of a stream

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