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Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Paul Surko

No description

Maunaloa Measures seismic waves
Tsunami Teeny, tiny volcanic ash
Shieldvolcano A composite volcano
Focus Strength of earthquakes
Compositevolcano Volcanic bombs the size of golf balls
Ringoffire Volcanoes made mostly from cinders
Volcanicbombs Don't travel through liquid
Volcanicash Large particles blown from volcanoes
Seismicwaves Surface waves
Seismologist Pacific earthquake and fire zone
Mount Egmont Earthquake's point of origin
Epicenter The pit at the top of a volcanic cone
Seismograph A volcanic crater whose walls have colapsed
Cinders Magma that reaches the Earth's surface
Magma Giant Sea Waves
Lwaves Directly above the focus
Vent Opening from which lava erupts
Caldera Fastest seismic waves
Swaves Hot liquid rock
Pwaves Small particles blown into the air
Volcanicdust Studies earthquakes
Lava Composed of quiet lava flows
Cindercones A shield volcano
Richterscale Built up of alternating layers
Crater Earthquake waves

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