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Volcanic activitiy, including some rock and tectontic subject matter

gases and ash large pieces of rocks that from a volcano
Rocks When material rush frorm the surface of a volcano
Extinct The layer of eart we live on
Volcano The hill, or mountain, formed by an eruption
Active A huge hole left by the collaps of a volcanic mountain
Magma When a volcano blows it top what is usuall , a ____ is usually formed
Eruption An eruption that where lava flows out of several large cracks
Crust Inside a volacno ________melts Rock , causing them to exspand
Calderas The lava that flows from a volcano comes from underground pools of melted rock
Lava Rivers of red-hot melted rock
Bombs an opening in the earths crust where hot, melted rock from inside the earth comes to the surface
melt Scienist use these to find out what the inside of the eartt
Sheild A volcano that has no recoded date of eruption.
Magma As you move closer toward he center of the earth, heat sometimes causes solid to
Eruption commes from a chamber located under a volcano
siesmic waves A volcano that has not eruted in many years
Lava Plateaus A volcane that has erupted in resent years
lava Near the center of the earth, the ______ is probably made of metal
Paricutin When magma rushes to the surface if the earth
Crater was found in farmed farm land. it grew from a few yards to hundreds in just a few day.
Core The pressure make a hole in the surface where steam , and other _____ and _____can excape
Cindercone a river of red-hot melted rock.
Lava A deep hole in ther surface of a volcano
Crater Volcanoes that look like a broad, low hill.
dormate often, red hot melted rocks, or , flow out of the volcano

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