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Volcanoes and Earthquakes

William Murnane

it is really hard!

earthquake scale for measuring magnitude of an earthquake
aftershock scale o measure shaking of an earthquake
tsunami a massive wave caused by tectonic movement
tectonic temporarily inactive volcano
deathtoll the inside interior of the crater
extinct the number of dead in a natural disaster
dormant the thickness of lava
lava violent shaking of the ground caused by upsetting of the tectonic
pyroclastic the hole of the volcano
ash permanantely inactive volcano
eruption a minor quake after the main one
vent molten rock from undergound
crater the ejection of lava or ash from a volcanic peak
visciouty a minor eathquake
tremor pulverised volcanic rock
faultline the word to describe the plates that divide the world underground
volcano the word used to describe volcanic ash
mercalliscale the line where two tectonic plates meet
richterscale a mountain (usually near a fault line) that is capable of ejecting volcanic ash or lava

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