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Weathering and Soil Formation

Mrs. Weimer

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terracing the removal and transport of material by wind, water or ice.
erosion a process farmers use to change a steep field into a series of smaller flat fields
Iron loose mixture of small mineral fragments and organic material
acid precipitation the grinding and wearing down of rock into new substances
carbonic acid the breakdown of rock into smaller pieces
differential weathering very small particles of decayed plant and animal material in soil
topsoil rust is produced by the oxidation of this mineral
leaching soft, less weather resistant rocks wear away
chemical weathering precipitation that contains acid due to air pollution
soil chemical reaction which an element combines with oxygen to form an oxide
contour plowing breakdown of rock by physical means
soil conservation the main reason farmers use crop rotation is to slow down the process of
bedrock when farmers plow across the slope instead of up and down a hill
oxidation various methods by which humans take care of the soil
parent rock layer of rock beneath the soil
abrasion rock that is the source of soil
humus the acid that is normally involved in the formation of caves
weathering process by which water flows into cracks in rock and expands as it freezes
nutrient depletion process that rainwater dissolves and carries away minerals and soil
mechanical weathering chemical breakdown of rock into new substances
ice wedging the top layer of soil that generally contains humus

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