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Accounting 1 Vocabulary

Jeff Bright

Accounting Terms

Capital Money paid to operate a business
AccountingEquation Change in the accounting equation
AccountNumber Form used to enter transactions in chronological order
Posting Accounting software used by many small firms
Revenue Company owned by one person
Ledger Assets=Liabilities Owner's Equity
Drawing A number given to an account
Partnership Source document used when cash is paid
Quickbooks A name given to an account
Liabilities Left side of a T account
Asset Money made from operating a business
Contra Displays Assets, Liabilities, and Owner's Equity
transaction Docoment used to write a description of transaction
Memo Transferring information from journal to ledger
Credit Right side of a T account
Proprietorship Things that have value
Expense Companies that owe you money
Receipt Document used when cash is received from customer
AccountsReceivable Owned by stockholders
Check Account that goes against a related account
Corporation A group of accounts-where transactions are summarized
Debit When the owner takes money out of a business
Journal Companies that you owe money to.
BalanceSheet Two or more owners
AccountTitle Account used to summarize Owner's Equity

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