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Finance Chapter 1

Cindy from CDI

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Payout ratio Measures revenues and expenses over a period of time.
Capital markets Examples of this type of investor are pension funds and mutual funds.
Statement of Cash Flows The management of large sums of money and whose goal is to maximize shareholder wealth.
Agency theory A business enterprise that is its own legal entity.
Prime Rate The base rate at which banks lend money.
Insider Trading Earnings available to common shareholders divided by the total number of shares outstanding.
Institutional The Federal tax deduction for amortization.
Balance Sheet Shows the amount and timing of cash flows of a business over a period of time.
Capital Cost Allowance The theory that examines the relationship between the owners of a firm and the mangers of the firm.
Sole Proprietorship Shows valuations for assets, liabilities and shareholder's equity at a point in time.
Partnership Market share price divided by earnings per share.
Money Markets Markets dealing with short-term securities.
Corporation A single-person owned business.
Finance Multiple ownership in a business that is not incorporated.
Dividend yield Markets dealing with long-term securities (1 year )
Income Statement Dividend per share divided by earnings per share.
Price-Earnings Ratio Dividends per share divided by market share price.
Earnings per share Illegal practice involving access to internal coporate information.

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