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Sources of Government Revenue

Ashley Renee Jacqueline Kopper Megan

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tax return a charge levied on goods brought in from other countries
sin tax a tax on tagible and intangible posessions such as real estate
regressive tax a reduction in business taxes that are tied to investment in new plants anf equipment
customs duty the belief that people should be taxed according to their ability to pay
capital gains the tax levied on both employers and employee's to pay for Social Security and Medicare
sales tax the tax a corperation profitspays on its
payroll withholding system imposes the same percentage rate of taxation on everyone
marginal tax rate service
ability to pay principle of taxation tax on the value added added at every stage of the production process
accelerated depreciation exceptions or oversights in the tax law that allows some people and businesses to avoid paying taxes
average tax rate tax on wages and salaries to finance Social Security and medicare costs
value added tax larger than normal depreciation charges
surcharge charges levied for the use of a good or sevice
corporate income tax the branch of the US Treasury Dept. in charge of collecting taxes
gift tax funds collected by one level of goverment that are distributed to anothe level of goevenment for expenditures
indexing the summery statement attached to a paycheck that summerizes income
tax assessor a tax on the manufacture or sale of selected items
incidence of a tax the personal income rate that applies whenever the amount of taxes paid falls below some designated level
payroll withholding statement the final burden of the tax
user fees the person who assigns value to property for tax purpose
excise tax total taxable income divided by the total income
investment tax credit a general tax levied on most consumer purchases
Medicare a relatively high tax designed to raise revenue and reduce consumption of a socially undesirable product such as liquor or tobacco
individual income tax an annual report to the IRS summerizing total income
flat tax the tax rate that applies to the next dollar of taxable income
proportional tax a tax on donations of mony or wealth and is paid by the person who makes the gift
property tax profits from the sale of an asset held for 12 months
tax loopholes the tax on people's earnings
intergovernemtal revenue a tax that imposes a higher percentage rate of taxation on low incomes than on high incomes
progressive tax a system that requires an employer to automatically deductincome taxes from an employee's paycheck and send it dirctly to the government
luxury good adjustment of tax brackets to offset the effectsof inflation
benefit principle of taxation belief that taxes should be paid according to benefits received regardless of benefits
FICA a tax that imposes a higher percentage rate of taxation on persons with higher incomes
alternative minimum tax additional tax above and beyond the base rate
Internal Revenue Service a federal health-care program available to all senior citizens
payroll taxes a proportional tax on individual income after a specified threshold has been reached

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