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Economics Class

Knowledge of insurance for Economics Test 2A

estatetaxes extra time to make the payment
HMO pays if your car is stolen
deductible portion paid by policyholder after meeting deductible
graceperiod request for reimbursement for loss
cancer insurance not paying premium on time results in this
claim sums of money paid for losses
liability pays your salary if you are unable to work
wholelife unable to provide coverage for this
rider professional insurance salesman
insurer children are an example of these
insuranceagent person or company protected against loss
policy builds cash value and can be paid off
comprehensive inexpensive, costs more for older people
dependents who gets the benefits from the policy
insured protection provided by the policy
limits policy for a group of workers from the same company
term written insurance contract
copay an event (fire/storm) that causes loss
benefits maximum amount insurance co. is willing to pay
lapse unnecessary if you have good health insurance
group insurance salesman's income
disabilityincomeinsurance the insurance company
beneficiary cost to own insurance policy
loss responsibility for loss or damage
hazard fees your heirs pay when you die
commission Group Health and Bess Kaiser are examples
exclusion what policyholders pay for damage or loss
peril reduction of the value of property due to peril
premium becoming obese or driving drunk are both examples
coverage amendment that changes the policy

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