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The Language of Economics

Mrs. Miller

Terms from Chapter 20

indicators the type of economy where things are done the way they have always been done.
standardofliving all the workers in an economic system; one of the 4 factors of production
supply the value in dollars of al lthe goods and services produced in a year
depression an economic ailment where the money supply increases faster than production, causing prices to rise higher than wages
disposableincome the period when economic conditions start to improve
entrepreneurs making goods and services
recovery the kindsof goods and services that consumers want, need and can afford
services the goods and services people are willing to buy
labor the money needed to produce goods and services; one of the 4 factors of production
goods materials provided by nature; one of the 4 factors of production
capital term that means there are not enough goods and services for everyone
market person who buys and uses goods and services
demand the amount of a product a porducer makes available the market
economics a serious economic ailment where a sharp decline in production causes a sharp increase in unemployment
production things that satisfy our needs and wants
GNP economic data that reveals how the economy is performing
inflation the study of the ways in which the people of a society make a living
scarcity and economic system where the government makes all the major decisions
recession type of economic system also known as a free enterprise system
traditional money left after taxes that can be spent
naturalresources an economic ailment where a slowdown in business activity causes a rise in unemployment
consumer non-tangible goods
command people who start up new businesses and assume the risk

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