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Chapter 6

Sam Santana

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economics type of economy in which buyers and sellers determine prices with limited government interference
scarcity government plan for controlling the amount of money in the overall economy
producers work products people buy, such as haircuts
recession things need to produce goods and services, including natural resources, capital/machinery, labor, and entrepenurship
monopoly current value in dollars of all goods and service produces in a country for one year
depression value of the next best use of resources when a choice is made
consumer confidence deep decline in the nation's economy
expansion money from a business activity, sale, or investments that remains after expenses have been paid
supply science that deals witht he wats in which goods and services are produced, transported, sold, and used
consumers general period of sustained growth
demand people who organize and run a business and take on the risks involved
business cycle tangible items that peopel buy and use, such as cars, pencils, shoes, and food
economic indicator people who buy and use goods and services
inflation desire and ability to purchase a product or service
unemployment rate slowdown in exonomic activity and growth
prime rate average price of basic necessities
factors of production range of economic activity in a country
goods number that idetiflies the monthly price changfe in about 400 selected goods and services
opportunity cost amount of a particular good or service that producers are willing to provide at a given price
cost of living measure of the U.S. economy's general health
consumer price index basic economic problem
profit rise in the general level of prices
entreprenuers people who make goods and provide services
services percentage figure representing the number of people who don't currently have jobs and are looking for work
monetary policy income
revenue interest rate banks charge their most credit-worthy customers
economy degree of confidence, or trust the people feel in the economy in general
Gross domestic product complete control bu one company of the means of producing or selling a product or service
free market system pattern of alternating periods of economic growth and decline

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