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Ancient Egypt

Kosta Terbaci

Ancient Egypt

Kush Life that followed death
Cats is buried in the Great Pyramid located in Giza
Papyrus the cloth they wore
Thebes first women Pharoah
thirty five what egyptians had to do to make a Pharoah a mummy
Rosseta Stone defended Ancient Egypt
Linen Jars used to keep embalmed body parts
Nile the eyeliner they used
Silt a triangle shaped land at the ned of the Nile River
Pyramids people who kept records
Howard Carter fine soil near the mouth of the river
Hatsheput a huge stone written in Greek, Hieroglyphics, and Late Egyptian
Menes the only river in egypt
Farmers used to make paper located right by the Nile River
Mummification a king of upper Egypt that changed the course of Egyptian history
Cairo the man who discovered King tut's tumb
Heiroglyphics what they called the Ancient Kings
Delta the place the Ancient Egyptians belived you went to after death
Mummys the amount of pyramids still left now
Spynx the mummy everyone knows about and knows most about
Khufu the favorite animals of Ancient Egyptians
Soldiers the god of death
Africa what they made the Pharoahs into when they died
Osiris craftworkers ( made art)
Merchants the capital of the egyptian empire
Irriagation where Pharoahs were laid to rest
Memphis the year King Tut was discovered
Step Pyramids people who worked for the upper class unpaid, and were bought and sold
Pharoah first pyramids used
Ramses II the season the Nile overflowed
Scribes the country that took over Egypts southern lands
Kohl Ancient Egyptian Capital
Slaves people who traded things in Ancient Egypt
Summer a way a farming used by Ancient Egyptians
Afterlife a form of Ancient egyptian writing
Canopic Jars the continent Ancient Egypt is located on
Tutenkamen a big statue with the head of a Pharoah and the body of a lion
nineteen-twenty-two a Pharoah that ruled for 66 years
Artisans worked the and and kept animals
Next World the capital of Egypt present

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