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Ashley Jimenez

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King Tut Name for a ruler
Godess City founded by Alexander the Great in 332 B.C
Oasis Tittle used by the rulers of Egypt
Heiroglyphics Ethnic group of people who are native to north Africa
Pyramids Large desert in Egypt
King An almighty figure in which people worship
Cleopatra Built as tombs or burial places for kings or, pharohs
Silt Female version of a god
Tomb Fertile material used to grow crops found after the overflow of the Nile
Alexandria Believed to be the home of the gods
Egypt Largest river in the world
The great Pyramid famous for her golden crown that embodies her whole face
Nile River Part of north Africa name starts with A
Pharoh One of the largest pyramids
Morocco Where mumies are found
Sahara Desert Home of the Nile River
Algeria One of the world's most famous mummies also known as a king
God Writing found in tombs
Temple Part of north Africa
Berbers Wet fertile land found in the middle of a desert where a natural spring or well porvides water

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