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Places, gods, and Pharaohs of Egypt

Melissa Barclay

Try to see if you can figure out who these people, places, and pharaohs are!

Queen Cleopatra conquered Egypt and the World
Akoris The second largest city in Egypt
Rosetta Is said to be the first femaile pharaoh of Egypt
Alexander the Great The famous "boy king" who became pharaoh at around the age of 8-9.
Nile River Is a city in Upper Egypt and is the capital of Luxor Governorate
Luxor The longest river in the world
Cairo Is said to be the first pharaoh of Egypt
Imhotep The Egyptian name of this place is Dehent. It is a modern Egyptian village.
Kign Menes ruled alongsideher husband Akhenaten, and soon disappeared mysteriously.
Alexandria The first largest city in Egypt
Quere, en Hatshepsup Though she is of Greek descent, she still ruled Egypt. She also committed suicide later
Tutankhamen King of the Egyptian gods, and also the sun god
Amon-Re Has been an important military base since early times in Egypt
Queen Nefertiti One of the first known architectures in the world

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