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Tutankhamen from Lost Worlds

Puzzle by Caleb Ulrich

Vocabulary practice and review

Rameses VI One of the largest pyramids built in ancient Egypt
Dazed To attach something subsidiary to a larger thing
Great Pyramid A gorge on the western bank of the Nile River, in southern Egypt (a burial site of pharohs)
Systematically People who invade a place to rob and destroy it
Excavators One who keeps watch, (guard)
Dissuade An entrance or beginning
Tutankhamen A small room leading into a bigger one
Archaeologist Long, tiring and boring
Sentinel People who search by digging or uncovering
intact A way that proceeds or develops slowly by steps or degrees
Annex Ground that has not been dug up or explored
Series In an orderly thorough manner
Threshold A pharoh whose tomb was built higher on the hill, above Tutankhamen's tomb
Gradually A pharoh or king of Egypt from 1347 to 1339 B.C. (became king at the age of nine)
Valley of the Kings A number of similar or related things coming one after another.
Tedious Covered with a layer of gold
Antechamber To persuade someone not to do something, discourage
Plunderers Bewildered, confused or amazed
Virgin Soil Whole and undamaged
Gilt A scientist who studies the material evidence such as graves, buildings, tools, and pottery remaining from past human culture or life

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