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Aesop : The Fox and the Crow


fox, crow, piece, cheese, beak, settle, branch, master, foot, mistress, glossy, feathers, bright, voice, greet, queen, began, moment, snapped up, nicely, exchange, advice, future, trust, flatterer.

bright a bird's bill or mouth
feathers a brief period of time
trust a small wild dog with a bushy tail
voice the wife of a king
nicely the time that is to come
mistress to meet someone with expressions of respect
queen opinion given as to what to do
flatterer delicately, precisely
moment plumage which covers a bird
exchange started to do something
settle to grasp quickly or eagerly
greet a man who rules others
master to give or receive something for another
foot shining with light
glossy a limb of a tree
fox a woman who rules others or controls something
future to believe or have faith in
cheese the end or bottom of something
beak a solid food made from curds of soured milk
piece to stop moving and stay in one place
advice someone who praises insincerely
began sound made through the mouth
snapped up having a smooth shiny appearance
branch part of a whole
crow a large bird with glossy black feathers

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