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Matua Richard

No description

tailor weak, easy to break
yellowtail illness, sickness
braille used at back of car to carry stuff
jail bag letters go in
ailment type of spider
email fear or hate of cats
trailer cruise on a boat
curtail a way to tie your hair
trail parachute behind a boat
sail go off course, come off tracks
whitetail another way to tie your hair
retail writing for the blind
mailman send message via internet
ailurophobia prison
sailors shop outlet, sale
mailbag type of small bird
hailstorm why to send mail
railroad small bird with fan like tail
pigtail person who delivers mail
airmail send out, deliver, post
parasailing person who makes clothes
frail slow insect
mail raised single track train rail
monorail very heavy icy rainfall
fantail track, follow, search
fingernail men who sail the seas
snail cut short, stop, desuade
derail what trains run on
ponytail on the tip of finger

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