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Yvonne-Ann le Roux

Match each word with it's antonym in the crossword puzzle.

professional idle
humerous forget
artificial fail
innocent cruel
cry no-one
everywhere false
cautious straight
often dogmatic
impolite conclusion
convicted wealth
absent find
poverty coarse
advantage seldom
someone written
light order
restore common
calm war
remember praise
accelerate tight
generous damage
blunt wild
asset simple
crooked present
tame old age
clumsy wreckless
introduction scarcity
forbid sorrow
joy insult
abundance detriment
compliment laugh
loose liability
succeed satisfied
flexible allow
diligent miserly
punctual dark
rare sharp
pessimistic nowhere
oral agile
lose slacken
quicken optimistic
further real
freedom quiet
youth destroy
busy serious
weak victory
imagenary guilty
peace strong
chaos lazy
delicate delete
criticise polite
repair tardy
humane acquitted
defeat decelerate
sincere agitated
noisy captivity
heaven nearer
dissatisfied backwards
add natural
forwards amateur
complicated earth

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