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Isabel Fraile

puzzle to integrate and get to know words in relation to crimes .

robber A punishment resulting in death
blackmail This could be a pistol, rope, lead piping, a rolling pin or a nuclear bomb
community service This is a person who steals banks
weapon This is to steal from a house in the night
pickpocketing Although the court has found you guilty, you are free as long as you visit your local police station everyday
death Penalty This is aperson who kills for religious or political reasons
vandalism Same as jail
alibi A criminal who forces someone to have sex
witness This is someone who claims to have been with the accused, so proving this person could not have been at the scene of the crime when it happened
guilty This crime happens when someone destroy the public property
smuggler This crime usually happens in crowded places
rapist These are twelve good men and women and true who kindly decide your future for you in court.
shoplifter This is when you have to pay money so that a crime you committed is not reported to the police.
burglary To receive money for information given to the police to solve a crime
reward This is a person who sees a Crime and can go to court to declare
assassin Work for the community without pay
probation This is a person who steals from shops
jury A judge declares you to be this if it is what the jury has decided
prison This is a person who brings drugs or diamonds into a country secretly

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