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Trista di Genova

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watches Hot is the opposite of cold. What is the opposite of boring?
homonym Did you come to class today?
infinitive Takes the place of a person, place or thing
speak When somebody says something, use "these"
verb A person, place or thing that's CAPITALIZED
preposition First, second, third, last and finally are all words that show...?
quotation marks Banciao, America, Canada, Taipei 101 are all...?
noun Two words that sound the same but are spelled differently
comma The original form of a verb, ex. "to be," or "to run"
personification "We're is a contraction of "We are." Can't is a contraction of what?
them A descriptive word that modifies the noun, ex. crazy, scary, huge
exclamation mark The teacher gave the book to [1st person plural]
pronoun I walk to school every day. What tense is this in?
agreement End sentences with this.
question mark The dictionary is in this order
cannot Fast and quick are ...?
pronoun To shorten a word; like "pron." for "pronoun"
adjective A word that shows location; e.g. in, on, under, on top of
proper nouns This punctuation: !
interjection Comes at the end of a sentence that asks something
capital A person, place or thing
antonyms A word that connects thoughts, ideas, clauses; ex. "but," "when," "with"
abbreviate Right now, they ______ computer games. (present continuous)
interesting He, she, it, they, her, his, their...These are...?
us _______ 23 million people in Taiwan.
conjunction This is when an object is given human qualities; ex. "The wind is angry."
There are I gave the book to [masculine pronoun]
period An action word; ex. running, jumping, feeling
adverb Our teacher ____ too much TV.
slept We all _____ English fluently.
time order SVA stands for "Subject-Verb _________"
Yes I did When you pause in a sentence, it's this punctuation
him Modifies a verb; usually ends in 'ly'
synonyms Start sentences with this.
proper noun Yesterday, she stayed in bed and ______ 12 hours. (to sleep; simple past)
present Expresses strong feeling
alphabetical Short and tall. Funny and serious. These are...?
are playing Howard gave the magazine to [third person plural]

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