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T2.7 Shopping


This is a list of vocabulary items introduced in Tutorial 2.7 (Linguaphone English Course Book 2).

medium toothpaste's partner.
drugstore you use this with your toothbrush.
toothpaste large shopping area with department stores, restaurants, game arcades, etc.
supermarket a shop where you buy such things as rings, necklaces, etc.
shopping mall a specialty shop that sells women's items.
department store like soap, but used for the hair.
elevator a shop which sells paper supplies, pens, etc.
newstand where you buy film, razor blades, shampoo, some simple drugs, etc.
battery a very large grocery store with food and home items.
aspirin where you buy newspapers and magazines in the street corner.
stationery electric stairs.
toothbrush cosmetic item for the underarm to control body odor.
pharmacy size between small and large.
sunscreen when prices are reduced, they are said to be "on ........."
jewelry store what the British call "lift" (brings you up several floors in a building)
escalator a popular kind of drug to relieve headache and other simple pains.
boutique items that give power to a radio, camera, etc. (but not electricity).
deodorant where you buy medicine prescribed by your doctor.
sale a big shop which has various kinds of items, from clothes to shoes, etc.
shampoo what you put on to protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun.

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