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Nouhad Alame

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expletive Their" is a ___ person possesive pronoun
theyareverb When a sentence begins with "there," it usually follows the verb__
subject "They're" is often confused as being a possessive pronoun, however, it's a_______
tobe "They're" literally translates to ______ ______, with "are,” or “is” being the ________ that follows
adverb "There," is never the __________in a sentence..
false "There," can also be considered an ______ because it modifies the verb in a sentence or phrase
possessivepronoun When referring to one student, or one person, "their," is an appropriate plural possessive pronoun in this case. Ture or False?
contraction "Their" is a 3rd person _______ because it identifies more than one person or group
third When you can drop out the "there" in a sentence with no change in the sentence's meaning, "there" is called an _______
neuter "Their is __________ gender because you might be referring to females, males, or a group of people

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