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ESOL Weekly Vocabularies

Trung Hoang

Using all the weekly vocabs you have learned and you may need to change the form of the words to get the right one. Good luck and try your best... GOD BLESS YOU ALL

logically He didn't study enough to the test._____ he will not get a diploma.
fesibility He is a wonderful soccer player. He will make a great _____ to the team.
precisely The flowers were _____ of his feelings. He doesn't usually show his emotions.
gullible He only has _____ use of his hand. He still can't move this thumb.
augment She _____ placed the broken glasses where Johncoul see them. She wanted him to know that she knew what he had done.
clarification My father made a _____ living, but he saved enough for me to go to college.
moody His ideas are very _____. No one understand him. He's hard to follow.
illustrated We aren't afraid of that dog. He has a _____ nature. He won't hurt us.
stamina The _____ of his voice told me that he was very angry.
benign When the movie started, the _____ said that the story took place in 1880 in London.
strategically He ran for hours toget aways from Tom. _____ the 1st person he saw when he got to the next town was Tom.
focused Tom is such a _____ person. You can tell him anything, and he buys it !
stranstion She painted a very _____ picture of the party with her words. It was a great description.
examination After the _____ of all the important information, they decided that they had to move everyone to be safe.
details He made a _____ about his relationship. He said they'll be together forever.
apathetic The _____ of the lesson helped her understand better.
novice jerry's message was _____. We need to pay attention and do what he said.
articulate She worked _____ for hours making the wedding dress. She had to have it done in 2 days.
contrast There is an enormous _____ between the northeastern and the southwestern part of the US.
primarily We were very excited about the new house, but he was a little _____. He just didn't seem to care.
subheading We need to kow how they are doing, so we will have a very important _____.
noteworthy Jane was a _____ at cooking. She couldn't even boil water.
sumary The _____ little boy went to the store by himself and bought his mom's gift by himself.
diligently He is always angry and has a bad _____.
somber He spoke to us very _____. He was so kind and so helpful.
Missing phrase1 - 54 To be a surgeon, you need a ot of _____ with a scalpel.
analysis Who is the most arrogant student in ESOL class ??
support Mary made the _____ from my country to this country very easy for us.
attitude You never know how he is going to act, and i'm tired of him being so _____.
random She was so angry at me, she didn't even _____ me when i walked into the room.
acknowleged If he doesn't practice everyday, He won't have the _____ to finish the race.
contribution We saw the clouds turn black._____ it is going to rain.
dexterous The omelet is ______ made of eggs.
accuracy They arrived at _____ 8:07. They are allways on time.
amiablely He _____ illustrated his love by giving her flowers every day.
determined She needs to _____ her saving account because she doesn't have enough.
evidently He said he would always _____ any decision i make. He is so good to me.
interpret She waved at us and shook her head. How would you _____ that ?
tone Danny was completely _____ on his work. Not even that beautiful car took his attention away.
consequently Tehy _____ bought the cheaper shoes and put the save money in the bank.
meager I can't show _____when i give my kids money. I have to be even
vivid Usually John and i have the same _____, but this time we really feel differently
waning The gorilla _____ put the blocks in the holes, why can't you ?
point of view This conversation is _____. I hope it ends soon be4 i go to sleep !
abstract We don't believe in the _____ of a car that uses no gas. We just don't see how we can do it.
prediction She gave me a very _____ description. It was short and clear.
partiality Her _____ description was so clear, that we recornized the dog w/out a pictures.
comparable He is one of the most _____ basketball players i have ever seen. He can do anything with that ball.
tedious No one was sure about the directions, so for _____, she said them again and drew a map for us.
symbol The _____ was "Dogs", but the whole article was about pets.
elaborated The band played a very _____ song.
converge He gaves the polices so many _____ that they caught the robber immidiately.
partial I closed my eyes and make a _____ selection.
Trung His _____ letter made me change my mind about her.
frugally If he had more vocabulary, he could _____ his ideas better.
concise There is a lake where the 2 roads _____. You can take either road.
narrator John used an easy _____. Everything was put in alphabetically
organizational pattern _____ he selected a place to live that had electricity. He couldn't live w/out computer and television.
accurately Those 2 houses are _____. Just about everything is alike except the color.
ironicly John has a cancer, and his time is _____. He probably only has a month to live.

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