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Around the World in 80

by Jules Verne

Vocabulary Words

repose of short duration
personified a strong, coarse unbleached cloth made from hemp, flax, cotton, or a similar yarn, used to make items such as sails and tents and as a surface for oil painting
mantel a distinctive attribute or aspect of something
compact a person's face or facial expressio
economical make (someone) troubled or nervous
cellar orderly or systematic in thought or behavior.
Master the place to which someone or something is going or being sent
chronometer having a ruddy complexion; high-colored.
features an instrument for measuring time, esp. one designed to keep accurate time in spite of motion or variations in temperature, humidity, and air pressure
countenance unnecessary, esp. through being more than enough
steadily the natural color, texture, and appearance of a person's skin, esp. of the face
phlegmatic one who wanders from place to place begging
toilet acting or behaving in a capricious manner
chagrin not changing; regular and established
solemn of a stately or dignified appearance and manner usually referring to one of stout stature, somewhat fat
eccentric the process of washing oneself, dressing, and attending to one's appearance :
methodical of a person or their behavior) unconventional and slightly strange
invariably impressively beautiful, elaborate, or extravagant; striking
magnificent using no more of something than is
social small, solid, and well-proportioned.
whimsical a person supposedly able to judge character (or, formerly, to predict the future) from facial characteristics.
remonstrance a room below ground level in a house, typically one used for storing wine or coal.
trousers the state or feeling of being calm and in control of oneself
vagrant an intense desire or enthusiasm for something
brief a man who has people working for him, esp. servants or slaves: or one who is a teacher
Parisian having or showing skill
agitated of or relating to society or its organization
rubicund an outer garment covering the body from the waist to the ankles, with a separate part for each leg.
physiognomists splendid and expensive-looking
garret a meeting of people face to face, esp. for consultation
skillfully carried
interview a soldier armed with grenades or a grenade launcher.
canvas a movement of part of the body, esp. a hand or the head, to express an idea or meaning
passions not approximated in any way; precise
sumptuous temporary rest from activity, excitement, or exertion, esp. sleep or the rest given by slee
destination distress or embarrassment at having failed or been humiliated
composure leave (a place, typically a building) empty or uninhabited, without intending to return
portly a man's personal male attendant, responsible for his clothes and appearance.
complexion a mantelpiece or mantelshelf.
deliberate of or relating to the running of a home or to family relations
abandoned of or relating to Paris.
exactitude a top-floor or attic room, esp. a small dismal one (traditionally inhabited by an artist).
tresses done consciously and intentionally
valet rigidly upright or straight
grenadier represent (a quality or concept) by a figure in human form
erect formal and dignified
domestic a thing of little value or importance
pert in every case or on every occasion; always
superfluous (of a person) having an unemotional and stolidly calm disposition.
trifle the arrangement of the locks of long hair
gestures a forcefully reproachful protes
bore of a bodily feature or garment) attractive because neat and jaunty

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