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Canterbury Tales Pilgrims

C. Phlegar

No description

plowman a poor man made rich by God's work, kind and soft spoken.
Sergeant at Law old, thin, cranky, mean to his workers, stole from his master.
friar wore a green hood, head like a nut.
franklin gave the impression of being busier than he was, wore a multi-colored coat.
cleric wore a motley tunic, had a forked beard, Flemish beaver cap.
squire had 5 husbands, wore red stockings, attractive, slightly deaf.
wife of bath had white beard, red face, loved expensive food and wine.
nun frugal man, outwits his masters
reeve a perfect gentleman, modest, stained tunic
summoner tunic embroidered with red and white flowers, a "ladies man", 20 years old.
manciple wore blood red and blue striped garment; had a love of gold; sly dealings with apothecaries.
merchant fat, bells on his saddle, a hunter, wore a gold pin and fur lined cloak.
pardoner an accomplished sailor, not a nice man, wore a daggar on a lanyard.
doctor keeps gifts in his pocket for pretty girls, knew tavern keepers and barmaids well.
knight red faced covered with carbuncles, drank until he was hazy, smelled of garlic and onions.
yeoman a prioress, concerned with manners, wide forehead.
parson waxy, yellow hair that "hung like rat tails", bulging eyes, sold fake holy relics.
skipper thin, spends more on books than food. Thin horse.
monk large, strong fellow, red beard, black nostrils, loud, told dirty stories.
miller the Parson's brother, a farmer, honest worker.

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