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The Catcher in the Rye

Ms. Gould

Vocabulary list 1

Grippe MCAS is ______________ if you want to graduate high school
Rile What Holden says he is, but really is not
Immaterial Stradlater
Halitosis Someone who runs across the baseball field naked
Suave A dialogue
Nonchalant Someone who lies
Conceited A lot of serial killers
Converse Kin to a piano
Sadistic Someone who has to look in the mirror constantly
Chiffonier Someone who is not easily flustered
Incognito A penny
Clavichord A hardcore criminal might be put in __________ confinement
Autobiography An undercover cop
Ostracize This could cause a fight
Solitary Where I keep all of my sweaters
Pacifist This season is fast approaching; get out the tissues
Unscrupulous Open up the cages at the zoo
Liberate Mark Twain wrote a book about himself
Exhibitionist If you just ate garlic fries, you would have
Compulsory To alienate

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