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Questions dealing with cantos 1-22 of Dante's INFERNO

shewolf sinners who lived virtuously, but without knowledge of Christianity are sent
heretic the number of beasts who chase Dante into the woods
simoniacs the boatman of the river Styx
Phlegyas someone who denies immortality (according to Dante)
Suicide represents the sins of incontinence
grafters the boatman of the river Acheron
Charon represents the sins of the violent and bestial
demons the Pope buried with the heretics
three sold false religious relics; misused Christianity for profit
fortunetellers the Furies call her for help
nessus half-man, half-horse guards
minotaur Virgil and Dante ride on this flying beast
Beatrice a guard who is half-man, half-bull
leopard the capitol of Hell
Anastasius the three-headed guard dog
Centaurs creatures who are used to torture those in the boiling pitch
Limbo represents the sins of the fraudulent and malicious
Cerberus these sinners are punished by being made a tree
Dis carries poets across the river of blood
lion the chief of the centaurs
medusa punished by being forced to walk backwards
Geryon these sinners were angry and battled during life
wrathful Dante's muse; she petitions Virgil to help him
chiron men/women who embezzelled money

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