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Ender's Game

BJ Pettus

No description

Fairyland Ender's sister
Third Ender's brother
Valentine The second army Ender was in
Six Ender broke this boys arm on accident
Bernard Watched over Graff to make sure he wasn't pushing Ender too hard
Giant The most important game in Command School
Andrew The school Ender goes to after graduating Battle School
Squirrel Main Character of the story
Peter Ender's personal teacher at Command School
Petra The school Ender goes to so he can learn to become a commander in the war against the buggers
Ansible Ender's hometown
Bean Ender's first real launchy friend
Rose de Nose A device on the back of little children's necks
Launchy Peter tortures these for fun
Graff The place where you go after you beat the giant in the game Ender plays in his spare time at Battle School
Shen Uniform worn during battles at Battle School
Alai "Mom" of the launchies
Eros Petra's Army
Greensboro The aliens in the book
Carn Carby Administrator of Command School
Major Anderson the name of the young, new kids at Battle School
Stilson Commander of Rabbit Army
Pheonix Commander of Salamander Army
Dragon The main obstacle in the game Ender plays in his free time at Battle School
Rat Peter's fake name that he uses on the net
Bonzo Madrid A machine that sends messages across the galaxy in the blink of an eye
Buggers She has the best shot out of any one in the school
Simulator Ender's real name
Admiral Chamrajnagar Ender's army
Pol Slattery Ender's age when he went away to Battle School
Battle School The planet where Command School is located
Salamander Commander of Leopard Army
Locke The first army Ender was in
Dap Administrator at Battle School
Monitor Ender's best soldier when he is commander of Dragon
Demosthenes Valentine's fake name that she uses on the net
Command School Bernard's launchy friend who later becomes Ender's best friend
Mazer Rackham The title of children looked down on by society
Ender Wiggin Then boy Ender killed while he was still on Earth, before he went away to Battle School
Flash Suits Commander of Rat Army

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