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Ender's Game

Edea Baldwin

No description

Battleschool "Mother" to Ender's Launch group
Stilson Had to be defeated in the computer game
Colonel Graff Peter's internet persona
Bonzo Weapon which will obliterate the Buggers
Mazer Valentine's internet persona
Dap Becomes the Hegemon
Bernard Ender's beloved older sister
Peter Ender beats him up in the first chapter
Card Where children are trained to fight in space
Alai Hated Ender; was beaten up by him
Pace Good friend of Ender's, taught him "Salaam"
Third Aliens thtreatening to invade again
Monitor Person who had defeated the Buggers before
Drdevice Device that enables communication over vast distance
Valentine Recruits Ender
Demosthenes Special kind of child Ender is
Ansible Small boy who worships Ender and becomes a great soldier
Petra General who does not approve of how Graff handles Ender
Locke Ender's is removed in the first chapter
Andrew Author of the book
Buggers This friend taught Ender how to shoot better
Bean Ender's real name
Giant Taunted Ender and tried to take over the group they were in together

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