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Fairy Tale Crossword

Eleanor O'Neill

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ELVES The Seven _ _ _ _ _ _ _ are short men.
WICKEDWITCH This 'Meanie' commands Snow White to be killed.
LITTLEREDRIDINGHOOD Who helps Cinderella to get to the ball?
EVILSTEPMOTHER This tiny girl was found in a flower.
UGLYSTEPSISTERS This character blows houses down and talks to little girls in woods.
WICKEDQUEEN These characters help a poor shoemaker.
URSULA Who makes Cinderella's life a misery?
GIANT This man's job is to make shoes.
DWARVES She is woken by 'true loves' first kiss'.
RUMPELSTILTSKIN Who falls through a rabbit hole into Wonderland?
THUMBELINA She steals The Little Mermaid's voice.
CINDERELLA Which character wants to go to the ball, but is forbidden to?
BEAST Who lives with the Seven Dwarves?
FAIRYGODMOTHER Which character falls in love with Prince Eric?
THELITLEMERMAID Who wears a red riding hood, made for her by her Grandmother?
PUSSINBOOTS Who stops Cinderella from going to the ball?
JACK This character casts a spell on the baby Sleeping Beauty.
MICE She is kind to the Beast from Beauty and the Beast, and her name means Beauty in French.
BELLE This character stamps all the way through the floor.
GOLDILOCKS The cat likes to wear shoes, what is he called?
MEANFAIRY This character was once a handsome prince, but was transformed into a hideous monster.
PRINCEERIC Who has a house made out of gingerbread and sweets?
BIGBADWOLF This character falls in love with The Little Mermaid, who is he?
SHOEMAKER Who has a goose that lays golden eggs?
TOMTHUMB This boy defeats a giant.
SNOWWHITE Which character is no bigger than a thumb?
ALICE This man falls in love with Princess Jasmine.
SLEEPINGBEAUTY She eats the Three Bears' porridge.
ALADDIN What animals are transformed into horses for Cinderella's carriage?

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