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Kathy Roberts

identifies words and names used in Shakespeare's Hamlet along with some relevant acting terminology

Norway one of the soldiers who tell Horatio of the ghost walking the battlements
Gertrude smallest division of a play that might indicate a change of location
Ophelia Hamlet's mother
Polonius son of the chief councillor - he returns from France to avenge his father's death
Elsinore councillor to the reigning king in the play
Rosencrantz name of Hamlet's biological father
Laertes Hamlet's uncle and stepfather
Denmark Hamlet and his family are royalty in this country
Marcellus Hamlet's closest friend - he met him at school
scene country threatening attack during the play
soliloquy character that shares the spoken secrets of another character
Hamlet speech spoken when a character is alone on stage that reveals that charcter's thoughts
confidante one of two childhood friends of Hamlet
Fortinbras name of the Prince of Norway as well as that prince's deceased father
Claudius large division of a play written by the author
act capital city where the majority of the play takes place
Horatio what Hamlet's father wants
revenge Hamlet's love interest

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