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Harry Potter

Ellie Burnage

If your a Harry Potter maniac like me then you will know all of the answers to this easy. But if you sort that sort of fan then you might find it a bit more challenging

Professer Umbridge The slytherin show-off
Hermione Harry's godfather
D A Percy's owl
Malfoy Harry's only family
Penesieve Big quidditch match
Professer Binns Ron's dad
Lake Ron's mum
Apparation Powder that is a form of transportation
Dursleys Contest in the 4th book
Buckbeak Second task
Hermes Boring Histiry of Magic teacher
Lily Secret student society
Professer Moody Last task
Madam Pince Ron's rat
Hedwig Ron's brothers
Ron Gives you eternal life
Floo Powder Strict librarian
Black lake Headmaster
Errol Harry's best friend
Mermaid Hermione's cat
Hagrid Magic school that Harry goes to
James Form of transportation where you disappear
Dragon Secret chamber that Salazar Slytherin made
Dumbledore Ron's owl
Mrs Weasley Harry's owl
Grinylow Slashed at Malfoy
Philosiphers stone To store your memories in
Azkaban Total brainbox
Crooshanks Not so beautiful after all
World cup The Weasley's owl
Mr Weasley Harry's dad
Pigwidgeon Star of the story
Harry Harry's enemy
Sirius Black Constant Vigilance
Chamber of secrets Water creature that lives in lake
Voldermort Friendly half giant
Hogwarts Lake in Hogwarts grounds
Fred and George Wizard prison
Scabbers Monster on first task
Maze Spy from the ministry
Twizard tournament Harry's mum

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