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Harry Potter Crossword


Solve this crossword all about Harry Potter!

Padfoot Potions master/ Potter's enemy
Moony Durmstrang's champion
Slytherin "Lucky" potion
Keeper Actress who portrays Hermione
Hogwarts Professor Flitwick's house
Viktor Krum Popular wizarding sport
Firebolt McGonagall's house
Scabbers Lupin's nickname
Cho Chang Actor who portrays Harry
Tom Riddle Beauxbatons' champion
Mrs Norris Draco's mother
Emma Ron's phobia
Hermione Filch's cat
Spiders Ron/Wood's Quidditch position
Voldemort Draco's father
Ravenclaw Voldemort's real name
Felix Felicis Harry's love interest (until 6th book)
Seeker Wizard prison
Narcissa Harry's Quidditch position
Lucius Actor who portrays Ron
Gryffindor "Real" Hogwarts champion
Hagrid Black's nickname
Daniel Professor Snape's house
Fleur Delacour Only daughter of Molly and Arthur Weasley
Horcrux Fastest broom in the world
Dumbledore Keeper of keys and grounds at Hogwarts
Azkaban Professor Sprout's house
Wormtail Most evil wizard of the age
Snape Pettigrew's nickname
Ginny Harry's pet owl
Cedric Diggory Brightest witch of her age
Prongs Hogwarts headmaster
Hufflepuff Object you put part of your soul into
Hedwig Wizarding school
Quidditch James Potter's nickname
Rupert Ron's "pet rat"

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