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Harry Potter


Trivia from each of the seven Harry Potter books.

shacklebolt Thrice defied Lord Voldemort
DracoMalfoy A mere memory
Dumbledore Senior undersecretary to the Minister
witchweekly Muggle with a Kneazle-mix for a pet
pensieve Dumbledore sees socks
Hermione Buckbeack, for example
Sortinghat Not to be taken literally
Fang Looked rather like an old lion
TomRiddle Lived in a cupboard at Hogwarts, accused of terrible misdeeds
umbridge Harry's first task
RemusLupin Barty Crouch Sr.'s assistant
Ollivander TiVO for memories
Neville Most powerful love potion in the wizarding world
FleurDelacour Pureblood unregistered Animagus
snitch Aspires to be Minister of Magic
mirroroferised Deputy Headmistress
Ginevra Living in Romania, working with Dragons
Ron Discovered 12 uses of dragon blood
roomofrequirement Keeper of keys and grounds at Hogwarts
Fred Buried at Shell Cottage
mermish Youngest son in the Weasley clan
thequibbler Raspberry blowing Poltergeist
Ministryofmagic Largest blood traitor family in the wizarding world
horcrux Werewolf
Amortentia It takes powerful magic to create these
thestral Full name of Harry Potter's wife
Aragog Boarhound, nearly set on fire by Snape
mcgonagall One of Dumbledore's many spoken languages
Weatherby Defeated two snakes
Nymphadora Xenophilius' paper
hippogriff Working as a curse breaker for Gringotts
Unicorn Members of the Order of the Phoenix and residents of the Burrow
gellertGrindewald The Fidelius Charm failed to protect them
hungarianhorntail I open at the end
dobby Sacked just before the start of the second war
basiliskfang Marries the eldest Weasley brother
Gregorovitch Finest wandmaker in Brittain
Hagrid Warned the guests that "the Ministry has fallen"
alastormoody The boy who lived
SiriusBlack Posed a riddle in the maze
severussnape Twitchy little ferret
Bill This was what Luna Lovegood's father believed belonged to a Crumple-Horned Snorkack
Percy Interested in who'd lost buttocks by sticking their wand in their back pocket
moaningmyrtle Potterwatch's correspondent "Rapier"
Charlie Mad Eye's real name
jamesandlily offers the "Most Charming Smile" award
weasley Half-Blood Prince
quidditch Wizarding game
Erupenthorn Interferes at Hogwarts
gryffindorssword Melts Horcruxes
rufusscrimgeour Destroyer of the last Horcrux
Voldemort House divider
fudge He who must not be named
George It is a monstrous thing to slay one of these
HarryJamesPotter Killed by the Basilisk
sphinx Winged horse
arthurandmolly Dumbledore's best friend and fiercest rival
aliceandfrank Tried to send Ginny a toilet seat
peeves Number One hiding place at Hogwarts
propechy Boasted of owning the Elder Wand

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