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How Well Do You Know Harry Potter?

Samantha Bethke

No description

Rubius Hagrid Hermiones cats name
Sorcerers Stone What is the name of the first book/movie?
Half Blood Prince House with the badger as it's logo
howler Who dies in the fourth movie/book?
Severus Snape What is the name of the seventh book/movie?
Gryffindor Hogwart's groundkeeper
Cedric Diggory Headmaster's name
Lighting Bolt fastest broomstick in the world
Vernon, Petunia, Dudley Dursley Shape of Harry's scar
Penelope Clearwater Hagrids hippogriffs' name
Time travel Harry's families names
every morning Rons rats name
Quidditch Professor that hates Ron and Harry
Chamber of Secrets angry message
Albus Dumbledore Bar that hides Diagon Alley
Crookshanks Percy's Ravenclaw girlfriends name
Ravenclaw House with the eagle as it's logo
Leaky Cauldron Harry's Godfathers name
Firebolt What is the name of the fourth book/movie?
Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, Ginny What is the name of the sixth book/movie?
Tom Marvolo Riddle Who always needs a remembral?
Scabbers "You-Know-Who"'s real name
Prisoner of Azkaban Harry's 3 Slytherin enemies
Goblet of Fire House with a Lion as it's logo
Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle Famous with/wizard game
Order of the Phoenix What is the name of the third book/movie?
Sirius Black Witches and wizards should never do this
Neville Longbottom Harry's owls name
Deathly Hallows House with the serpent as it's logo
Buckbeak Rons siblings names
Hedwig What is the name of the fifth book/movie?
Hufflepuff What is the name of the second book/movie?
Slytherin When do students get mail?

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