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The Hound of the Baskervilles

Hannah Savager


MrStapleton The man who died instead of Sir Henry.
Watson The name of the convict.
grimpenmire The relationship of the convict to Mrs Barrymore
Selden The evil, kidnapping grandfather of Sir Henry.
Lestrade The narrator.
brother Sir Henry had two of these stolen from his hotel.
falkland The area of quicksand where Stapleton dies.
theconvict This is the job of Mr Barrymore.
DrMortimer This person was accidentally responsible for the death of Sir Charles.
boot The nearest village to Baskerville Hall.
Butler The name of the man who trained a big dog to attack the Baskervilles.
sirhugo The true identity of the woman Sir Henry fancies.
lauralyons One of Stapleton's aliases.
candle Where Holmes stayed while Watson was at Baskerville Hall.
Vandeleur What Barrymore used to signal Selden from the window on page 22.
MrsStapleton Another policeman.
sherlockholmes The great detective himself.
hut Sir Henry's neighbour.
Coombetracey This person asked Holmes and Watson to help him solve the mystery of the hound.

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