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Huckleberry Finn

Mark Twain

Fit the words into the puzzle using the clues below.

Pig Huck Slaughters a ____, to frame his father.
Drunk Huck is mistaken for ____ at the Farm.
GrangerfordandShepardson Upon their escape, Tom was ____ __ ___.
SilasPhelps They Traveled by ____ _____.
Watson What was the pen name of Sameul Langhorn Clemonds
MarkTwain Huck recieved _________________ for his troubles.
GeorgeJackson They traveled on the ___________ _____ south.
ShotintheLeg On the ____ ______.
HuckleberryFinn Jim was considered a ___________.
JacksonIsland The sister with morality and trust is ____ ____
FreeStates King and duke sell Jim to _____ ______.
FiveHundredDollars Hucks father was a good for nothing _____.
Family He promptly gave all the money to Jim so he could buy his ______.
PeterWilks Huck runs away to _________ ________.
MaryJane ____ is accused for the murder once hucks father was cleared.
Judge Huck tells the Grangerfords his name is________ ____________.
MississippiRiver Tom pretends he is his brother ___, for huck is Tom.
Jim What was Hucks full name?
Tom The Scoundrals pretend to be the brother of _____ ______.
RunawaySlave Miss _______ was the rightful owner of Jim.
OhioRiver The scoundrals Jim and Huck meet call themselves the ______and_____.
Sid Twain also wrote about the adventures of _____ ________.
SteamBoat The feud in the story included the _________ and____________.
Tom Sawyer Huck gave all his money to the _____.
KingandDuke They were trying to escape to the ____ _____.

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