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Huck Finn Crossword

Jon Lorentz

No description

wreck Jim and Huck come upon a steamboat _________.
RoyalNonesuch Widow Douglas is trying to ___________ Huck
Jacksonsisland The river Represents this
HuckleberryFinn Huck's best friend
AuntSally Huck finds Jim here
WidowDouglas The city where the story takes place
Missouri Miss Watson's slave
sivilized This women takes in Huck
sarahmarywilliams The state that St. Petersburg is in
MissWatson The younger con artist
runaway A fight between two families
Duke The women that takes care of Tom
Sheperdson Jims planned destination
King Huck's drunken father
sherburn The family that Huck stays with in Tennesse
Grangerford Hucks dresses as a girl and take this name
Jim The main character in the story
feud The older con artist
Murdered The name of the show that the cons produce
cabin The river that Huck and Jim travel on
boggs The people of St. Petersburg believe Pap _____ Huck
Pap Jim is a ___________ slave
Cairo Pap locks Huck in this
StPetersburg ____________ kills Mr Boggs
freedom The Widow's sister
TomSawyer Hucks alias when he is with the Grangerfords
Mississippi Jim plans to catch a steamboat here
FreeStates Family that is fighing the Grangerfords
PhelpsFarm Jim is being held here
Georgejackson ____________ gets drunk once a month

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