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Knights of the Round Table


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Ector Arthur’s mentor
Galahad knight who throws Excalibur into the lake
Kay Arthur's kingdom
ax Arthur pulls a sword from a stone and this
Roundtable beheaded the Green Knight
dwarf author of The Once and Future King
Morgause Beaumains’ real name
stake name of the half-sister with whom Arthur had a child
Bedivere Arthur's queen
three Ygraine to Arthur
Sir Gawain’s strength is said to rise and fall with this
green Launcelot’s son
Morgan the color of the girdle given to Gawain by his host's wife
THWhite Arthur's foster father
Meleagant word that means fairy, added to Morgan's name
mother Tristran’s uncle who is married to Isolde
son A knight's mission
Uther Arthur’s foster brother
Wales poet who wrote the Idylls of the King
Treason Movie starring Richard Gere as Launcelot
isolde the rank of the women who carry Arthur away in a barge
Joyous she ridiculed Beaumains
holygrail person who kills Arthur
Fey name of one of Arthur’s half-sisters
Mordred the number of times Gawain is tested by his host's wife
Sun __________Gard (Launcelot's Castle)
Gwenyvere Arthur's father
Stirrup country that is Launcelot’s birthplace
Anvil boy knighted by Arthur in "Camelot"
Elaine Gwenyvere was sentenced to be burned at the __________
Mark Merlin’s owl in The Sword and the Stone
Gawain kidnapped Gwenyvere
Queens Arthur is said to have invented this part of a saddle thus making cavalry more unbeatable on the battlefield
Tom First Knight
none a historical Arthur was probably a warleader for this group of people
camelot the knights sat at this
Merlin place where Arthur sleeps until needed again
Celts The Green Knight's weapon
excalibur Gareth’s sidekick
Saxons Arthur’s son
ThomasMalory author of Le Morte de Arthur
Lynettte country where the Green Chapel is located
Gareth Arthur's sword, given to him by the Lady of the Lake
quest Tristan's beloved
Launcelot Launcelot’s wife
Avalon the group of invaders that Arthur and his knights kept confined to the eastern shore of Britain
Archimedes number of children that Arthur and Gwenyvere have
Tennyson a knight’s title
France what Launcelot and Gwenyvere were charged with
FirstKnight the cup used at the Last Supper

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