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The Last Battle

Francesco Cappellazzo

Read the Last Battle by C.S lewis to solve

Tirian A talking animal
Reepicheep What Ginger is
Shift The trouble-maker
Pevensie What puzzle is
Narnia A sly creature
Lewis The year the book was first published
Lion The name of the dwarf who joined the king
Ginger The trouble-maker's assistant
16 The Calormene God
Aslan The number of chapters in the book
Digory The place the book is set in
Seven The Mouse Eustace and Jill were with on the voyage of the Dawn Treader
Centaur What killed the humans
Eustace What old Narnia is
1956 The first human in Narnia
Puzzle The first person called into Narnia in the book
Shadowlands The king's unicorn
Poggin What shift is
Ape What new Narnia was entered through
England What Aslan is
Dwarf Who ginger's companion is
Peter The Great figure in Narnia
Jewel The first high king of Narnia
Stable What Lucy, Edmund and Peter's last name is
Tash The last name of the author
Rishda The place the humans come from
Cat The book number in the chronicles of Narnia
Donkey The king of Narnia
Train Accident The thing that rebels against the king

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