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"Life as it Comes"

Kim Prescher

No description

fiction Age of Mado.
robinson Author?
Britt Speaker?
Abortion What does Patty call Mado when she tells her she's pregnant?
September What does Mado do in her sleep?
Foster Care What is the 16-year old Dutch boy's name?
fifteen Name of "responsible" sister.
Mado How many times does Luigi get to see his mom every year?
amsterdam Age of Patty.
talk Mado says, "Its better to be pregnant than to be ______"
no What is their mothers name?
bachelor of science Who is a "spitting image" of their mother?
paris When the baby is expected?
Patty What does Mado dream about?
august ninth What Patty regrets not getting.
Mado Genre?
Car accident Where the secret service might send Mado.
twenty When is the baby born?
august eleventh What does Luigi have a college degree for?
french Where they go in August.
Mado What is the 19-year old Dutch boy's name?
Six and a half months What is Patty's and Mado's last name?
dead Important road in the story.
Patty Where are the people from that vacation next to Mado and Patty?
twenty two Name of "irresponsible" sister.
Luigi Time period?
twentieth century Is the baby a boy or a girl?
boy Do Luigi and Patty ever make-up?
parents died there Who does Patty flee to?
barn slope Why is that road an important road?
twice Father of baby?
family summer home What language does she speak?
Anne-Laure Bondoux When does Patty tell Daan her secret?
stress How far along is she when she tells her?
daan Who delivers the baby?
first person Age of Luigi?
daan Where are Mado and Patty from?
ideal mother What is Patty a "far cry" from?
sander Name of the baby.
yankovich Who looks like thier father?
Auntie Mado How did their parents die?

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